Minecraft Bedrock: Working Security Camera Tutorial! (MCPE/PS5/X-BOX/PC/Nintendo Switch)

In this video I’ll show you How to make a working security camera in Minecraft bedrock. This version of a security camera will look great in your houses and it also functions by following the player around without installing any mods or addons.

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Commands used in the video:

/give @s command_block
/gamerule commandblockoutput false
tp @e[name=camera] ~ ~3.75 ~ facing @p
tp @e[name=lens] ~0.1 ~3 ~ facing @p
effect @e[name=camera] invisibility 1 1 true
effect @e[name=lens] invisibility 1 1 true

Music by:

Mitsubachi by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
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