the greatest break in the history of isaac
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Music: The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth music++ Mod and Q4 Item Persona Specialist Mod, Binding of Isaac: Repentance OST

Mods: Specialist Dance for Good Items, [Rep] Enhanced Boss Bars, [AB+] [Rep] External Item Descriptions, Regret Pedestals, Hanging Dream Catcher, Destination Indicator, Boss Rush Wave Indicator [Rep | AB+], Accurate Stage Bosses, Ugh for Bad Items: High Effort, Planetarium Chance, Garry’s Mod Death Animation, Unintrusive Pause Menu, Dogma Brimstone Lasers, Trash Isaac’s Will, Better Explosions, Blue Baby’s Wardrobe+, Custom Mr Dollys, Damage Multiplier Stat, Minecraft Glass Holy Mantle Effect, Lemegaton Wisp Effect, Skill Issue Death Screen, TimeMachine [Repentance], Tainted Lost Auto Holy Card, Improved Charge bars, Unique C Section Fetuses!
Epiphany Mod, Fiend Folio, Extra Tarnished Characters and GOLDEN Items
Outro: Binding of Isaac OST Vanilla Main Menu Theme

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Wow jeez what an insanely satisfying rigged run as Tainted Isaac, Polyphemus, Brimstone, Cricket’s Head, Ipecac, Infestation 2, Magic Mushroom, Cricket’s Body, Almond Milk, Glitched Crown, Inner Eye, Host Hat, Parasite. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was great, Afterbirth was cool Afterbirth+ was like, eh, it’s okay, and then Repentance came and was like BAM this is the best DLC EVER. The best mods like Q4 Isaac dance and banger songs like Innocence Glitched and Machine in the walls (my personal favorite) BIG C Section Brimstone Tech X fetuses’ with ghost pepper synergies have so much potential. Add Soy Milk and Rock Bottom for a free win. Those items would be so OP together. The greatest synergy of all time. First floor is Ultra Hard, boss rush can be hard to get to. Good thing mom’s knife didn’t show up because that wouldn’t have been fun. Even though I would of liked that item. I also like, Death Certificate, Damocles, Crickets Head, Rock bottom, Magic Mushroom and Godhead. Psy Fly, Revelation, Twisted Pair, D6 or Spindown Dice would be a cool synergy to have. Edmund Mcmillen created Super Meat Boy and I think he is a angel room enjoyer. Though Devil rooms can be Isaac Pog too, sometimes its a missed rare opportunity 0.1%. Sometimes when I get C section or Glitched Crown I laugh at my free win. Polyphemus Crickets Body Proptosis soy milk Sacred Heart + Holy Light and +10 Luck from perfection is my favorite combo. When I get dead eye incubus R key Red key mega mush spirit sword and brimstone with ipecac it feels like a won run especially with monstros lung and tech X. I love playing the lost and tainted lost, and rerolling is always fun. I also love planetarium items. The Binding of Isaac Repentance is a pretty hard game but I enjoy it, I remember How to unlock the Lost, and it sucks because its RNG. Fighting Hush Delirium Mega Satan The Beast and Mother are all fun. I love synergies and bad items. This is 1,000,000% swear on dead gods name that this description isn’t only for keywords. Anyways, GG’s