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I came to dig dig dig dig-

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1. Don’t be rude to each other

2. No politics allowed

3. No swearing (Blame YouTube not me)

4. Other streamers being brought up is OK

5. Do not trash on any of my friends or anyone I collab with, you will immediately be banned

6. You may trash talk me, it does not affect me (I do not know you personally so my care is 0 LOL)

7. No, you may not join my game or play session (unless the stream is specifically a with viewers stream), as stated above, I do not know you

8. Do not harass nor speak badly about any other creator, seriously not cool

9. Just try to vibe and enjoy the show!

Bonus. Off topic things are completely fine, just don’t expect me to finish a tangent because I will start a new one about that thing you brought up.

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I sure do love keywords
Wow what a VTubing looking VTuber that totally isn’t trying to algorithmically boost the VTuber part of VTubing in the description. Who would VTubing VTuber’s VTuber that? Absolutely strange that you would think that a VTuber would be VTubing the VTuber system. Continuing my point of VTuber VTubing as a VTuber we are VTubing I wonder if MALE is a keyword as well but VTuber definitely is one, like I said you might want to VTuber the VTube of VTubing with VTuber.
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