I’m sick of Minecraft, and want to see the janky better than Minecraft, Free Minecraft Clones. Let’s see how it goes, and if I can retain my sanity.

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Some of these free Minecraft clones you can play in your browser have some good ideas, mixed with horrible execution. Hope you enjoy.

Game List:
Mine Clone 3
Minecraft Classic
Block Craft 3D
World Craft 2
Mine Clone
Mine Clicker

Songs used:
Pigstep by Lena Raine
Otherside by Lena Raine

Minecraft is a very popular game, and inherently there will be rip offs and clones of it. Here’s my journey through handling my sanity while going through some of them. Minecraft for free is something everyone would want, but not like this. These Minecraft Clones are pretty janky, and have some pretty bad problems. Most didn’t even have sound. Please don’t waste your time with these games, Minecraft is the monopoly on block based games.
Shameless Browser Minecraft Clones are Janky and Problematic

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