Fortnite’s latest season, part of the 5th chapter of the game, is a transformative experience that turns the game into one of tech’s recent favourite buzzwords: a metaverse. In fact, inside of it, three different separate yet connected game-as-a-service products have been released, the first of which chronologically is the survival game, LEGO Fortnite. So, how’s the first “game within a game” that Fortnite offers us? Are you ready to dive back into the exciting world of ecco the dolphin android and play online with other fans of this classic game? You can explore the ocean, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets in this immersive experience.

Watch the XboxEra Review to find out!

Written By: Győző “FairyEmpire” Baki
Video Edited & Narrated By: Aarsal “SoulBlazerz” Masoodi

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