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​​✯Behind The Scenes✯

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Editor – KainaBunny

✯People Who Were Here✯

Dylan (Dylan and Candy)

KainaBunny (Cindy, Ivy and Mia)

Steele (Blank)

HandfulJake (Red, Vinnie, Wilford and Milkman)

Keldo52 (Blue)

SpookiPooki (Mochi, Scribble and, Fylan)

Pluless (Yellow and Pluto)

CaptainFroggie (Green and Adrien)

DamienCandle (Lollipop and Scrap Damien)

Yogibo (Doodle)

Zoozoobab (M&M, Chester, Davy and Pink)

CitrusWasHere (Orange and Shadow Candy)

KayleeM24 (Sherbet)

Flora Kiiro (Violet)

Claire_Bear (Mary)

Fruit (Joyce)

Music –

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