I Survived 1 DAY in Minecraft Survival 1.16. this was almost impossible but I pulled through for you guys.

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• John 3-16 •​

Background Music Used:
– “Battle Hall – Pokémon Platinum”
– “The Dark Knight – Alec Koff”
– “Requiem – Mozart”
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– “Action Fight – FesliyanStudios”
– “File Select – Super Mario Galaxy”
– “Mice On Venus – C418”

I survived 100 (1) days in Minecraft, with the hopes to complete one goal, survive, this isn’t, minecraft modding, maybe you’re just curious, how long is 100 days in minecraft, ( it’s 33 hours ), this isn’t a prebuilt, minecraft challenge map, or a, minecraft speedrun, this is Kool, surviving 1 day in minecraft on 1.16, not, minecraft snapshot 21w06a, I also did not use a, minecraft lego texture pack, and this is not on, minecraft classic unblocked. also this video is not how to join dream smp / how to join the dream smp but you’ll still enjoy. (: