Showing you how to unlock and FINALLY BUY POLICE VEHICLES in the new GTA Online Chop Shop DLC.

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Hello GAMERS it is me, InfamousRyan. Here playing GTA 5 GAMEPLAY. I recently purchased an PS5 GTA Online modded account then ROCKSTAR GAMEES BANNED ME on PC so i started playing GTA 5 on PS5 and MRBOSSFTW GOT BANNED too. Playing GTA 6 Online (not MINECRAFT with DREAM (DREER)) I WAS INVITED TO THE MET GALA, WITH MY GIRLFRIEND EMMA CHAMBERLAIN, drinking Emma Chamberlain Gaming Coffee, with an iPhone 13 we took GAMING VIDEOS of GTA Online Car Customization and GTA 6 NEWS and LEAK. Today GTA 5 has a NEW UPDATE, THE CONTRACT PART 2 releases SOON in GTA ONLINE, the NEW DLC features returning characters such as FRANKLIN CLINTON, DR DRE and LAMAR. The Contract DLC features many NEW VEHICLES that are coming to GTA 5 ONLINE (wow) (cool) such as WEAPONIZED VEHICLES or BEST CARS in GTA 5 / GTA ONLINE. Imani tech have been added into GTA ONLINE with THE CONTRACT DLC. SUBSCRIBE for more GTA ONLINE GAMING VIDEOS (DAILY) and DAILY VIDEOS we are growing so much.