Want to know how to play The Bridge Duel multiplayer without a server for Minecraft Education Edition? Here we have an amazing map created by  @Andiuber  that will allow you to play Bridge Duel in 1.17 and therefore Minecraft Education Edition  @Minecraft: Education Edition . This well known mode usually only works in Java on the  @Hypixel Server for Minecraft  server but this map featured here will work in Bedrock and Pocket Edition also.

You can download this mod in the following link:

This map has a maximum of 12 player but works perfectly well as you can see in the video only using command blocks and functions to run the scoreboard and the teams.

Please remember each time you play the game you need to open the original map from your downloads folder. Also, when in the lobby every player must go into the pool within 10 seconds before the game automatically starts.

0:00 Intro/ Overview
0:51 Epic 3v3 Montage
1:41 What is Bridge for Minecraft?
3:08 How the map works
4:33 Desert Island map playthrough
6:10 Space Station map playthrough
6:53 Greek Temple map playthrough
7:47 Pirate Ship map playthrough
9:59 How to download/ Install
10:47 Final thoughts/Outro
My Equipment:

PROCESSOR (CPU): AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core

Canon m50 with Canon EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM lens

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