Coding Minecraft in JavaScript

In this project I explored coding Minecraft, making a voxel world, adding procedural terrain, and some basic biomes (using the three.js 3d javascript framework). This is a relatively simple game, since programming Minecraft in JavaScript doesn’t require a lot of code, so our clone’y Minecraft implementation only consists a half dozen files making it easy to follow.

I’ve done a pass to try to make the code readable and easy to follow. Can’t promise that it IS, or that the code is bug free, but its all available online on github. Feel free to grab it, fork it, laugh at it, etc.

What’s covered:
* Starting Considerations
What things I took into consideration before starting coding Minecraft, how I planned out the rendering, what alternatives I considered, and ultimately what route I went with and why.

* Features
Using the voxel renderer, what basic features I decided to add from the game and how they were implemented. Our Minecraft implementation isn’t complete, but it’s functional and gives you an idea of how to add more features.

* Tweaks
Finally, went over some tweaks like how the landscape was developed, some visual additions I thought were lacking.


Note: You’ll need to add graphics since I didn’t distribute those with the code. I tried out a bunch of random minecraft texture packs, here’s a couple that looked really nice: and

#minecraft #gamedevelopment