Classic+ is a complete overhaul mod for Minecraft Classic 0.30, which adds a heap of new, original content, returning content, quality of life improvements and more, all while retaining the original look and feel of Classic. The mod aims to extend the base version of Classic in a way that feels like a natural, vanilla update to the game.

Classic+ is a part of the Legacy+ Collection, which is a collection of mods for legacy builds of Minecraft, all of which aim to revive said versions of the game with new content, whilst keeping the general look and feel of the versions in question. Mods in the collection include Classic+, Indev+ and Infdev+

-Four distinct gamemodes.
-Ten different world generation types.
-Four world themes
-Survival multiplayer
-6 unique powerups
-Survival inventory
-Over 100 new blocks
-Gamemode switch
-Singleplayer commands
-Dynamic weather system
-Working armor
-Difficulty option
-Three new mobs
-New save format (NBT)
-GUI scaling, window resizing and fullscreen options
-Improvements to Creative and Survival gamemodes
-New multiplayer commands and enhancements
-Revamped GUI
-Quality of life improvements (e.g. droppable items, leaf decay and sneaking)
-A slew of other new options (Audio, Graphics and Controls)
For a full list of features, visit the following word document:

For the full mod changelog (always up to date), check:

I am in no way affiliated with Mojang. The Minecraft logo, textures and other assets are copyrighted by Mojang Studios and Microsoft. Code for the new additions is mostly done by me. Vertex offsets code by Vulpovile.

You are allowed to make content for the mod under these circumstances:
•You CLEARLY state the version being used is a MOD in the video (title, within the video and preferably also the thumbnail).
•You provide a direct link to the website (coming soon, for now link the direct download link found below) in the video description. You are NOT allowed to distribute the mod any other way.
•You provide credit to the original creator of the mod (me) in the video description.

You are NOT allowed to use the mod for the following purposes:
•Make commercial content (such as TV or paid streams), according to Mojang’s own EULA:
•Use the mod to spread misinformation (e.g. make videos claiming the mod is x version of the game. ALWAYS CLEARLY state it is a MOD).
•Make changes to the source code of the mod. The mod is fully obfuscated and closed source.
•Other nefarious purposes, such as spreading malware and other malicious software along with the mod.

Assuming you have read all of the above, you can get the mod from here:

(Link will be taken down once the official website goes live in the upcoming month)

The mod is a completely standalone jar file, which supports all major launchers. That being said, the preferred way of playing it is through either Betacraft or MultiMC:

Simply launch Betacraft, click Edit Instance, then go to the Mods Repository and choose the latest version of the mod.

Make a new c0.30_01 instance. Then right-click on it, select “Edit Instance”, go to the “Version” tab and on the right-hand side, click “Replace Jar” and choose the downloaded Classic Plus.jar file. NOTE: You need to also set up the Betacraft proxy in order to have sounds. In order to do this, go to MultiMC’s Settings, then the Java tab and in the “JVM Arguments” field, paste in the following: -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Dhttp.proxyPort=11702

Download the following json file:
Then, make a new folder (make sure it is named EXACTLY like the json), and put the Classic Plus.jar and Classic Plus.json files in it. Then, put it in your MineOnline versions folder, and it should work

Although other launchers are not recommended, they will still work with the mod. For the Vanilla launcher, you must copy the 0.30 json file, rename it to Classic Plus.json, and put it in a new “Classic Plus” folder along with the Classic Plus.jar file, then put said folder in the versions folder in %appdata%/.minecraft. Don’t forget to also set up the Betacraft Proxy JVM arguments.

Have fun and see you for Indev+!